Twenty years of moving minds

We are red onion, a strategic-creative consultancy driven by a keen eye for cultural trends, innovation, and a passion for pushing organizations to grow. Excellence is at the heart of everything we do. Our experience paving the way for TEDx in Germany made us experts at identifying the topics that will matter tomorrow, moving minds, and building sustainable brand ecosystems.

For more than twenty years, we have been anticipating and facilitating strategic change for DAX 30 companies, the German Mittelstand, and entrepreneurs alike. Our clients are our partners, in the truest sense of the word: when the businesses we work with grow and succeed, we do too. We cultivate global team structures, implement ideas shaping the future of work, and drive creative innovation within organizations.

Whatever lies ahead, we’ll be there to guide you through. Hands-on and curious at heart.

Technology, Entertainment, Design

Stephan Balzer on how TED Talks changed the way we learn and present

The Future of the City

red onion × everyworks by Smart City | DB on how we’ll live and work together in the future

You Live and Learn

Stephan Balzer on how lifelong learning is the key to entrepreneurship

Our Guiding Principles

Organizations need a sparring partner to thrive

In today’s fast-moving world, every business needs an expert at their side, someone to provide guidance, impetus, and ideas and ask the tough questions. An outside perspective shines a light onto the path ahead, exposing problem areas and illuminating new solutions.

Strong brands are built on relevance

It’s no longer enough to go with the flow – the companies of today need to stand for something in order to make an impact. Corporate responsibility, evolving workplaces, and the search for community are just a few of the cultural trends that are shaping our world. Brands that tap into the zeitgeist are the ones that resonate.

The future will be cocreated

No one can be an expert at everything. Excellence in ideation and innovation arises when individuals link together. A network of experts and forward thinkers is one of the most valuable resources you can have, equipping you for a future where anything is possible.

Our Services

Strategic-creative consulting

At red onion, we handle both the practical and the strategic stuff, from big-picture planning right down to small-detail implementation. We embrace our clients’ visions to guide them towards their goals, navigating whatever challenges may come.

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Narrative and platform ideation

We love developing topic-driven narratives and implementing the platforms to communicate them. Amplifying your brand’s identity and building a strong community around is the very best reward.

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Network building and corporate coupling

We’re better together. With our vast network of experts and thought leaders, visionary founders, and rising stars, we foresee opportunities and facilitate connections that can only lead to great things. Win-win.

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Our Team

Stephan Balzer, founder and CEO of red onion and Boma

Stephan Balzer

Founder and CEO

Stephan is a thought leader in cultural and technological business innovation. He has been a consultant, speaker, and CEO for more than 20 years.

Lorena Markewitsch, communications and project management at red onion

Lorena Markewitsch

Communications and project management

With a background in the art industry, Lorena knows how to merge her creative mind with her organizational skills – juggling ideas, words, and deadlines.

Bianca Bettermann, accounting at red onion

Bianca Bettermann


Bianca loves numbers almost as much as running. She has been with red onion for more than 10 years, always keeping on top of everything from contracts to cash flow.

Y-Nhi Phung, graphic design and project assistance at red onion

Y-Nhi Phung

Graphic design and project assistance

Y-Nhi has an eye for design and a heart for sustainability, constantly surprising everyone with her fresh ideas and spirited input – both visually and in content.

Nina Zoubek, consulting and project management at red onion

Nina Zoubek

Consulting and project management

Part of red onion for more than a decade, Nina is our expert on project and event management — with a keen eye for details while never neglecting the big picture.

Antonia Werner, curating and consulting at red onion

Antonia Werner

Curating and consulting (on maternity leave)

A start-up founder herself, Antonia curates conference programs and learning experiences for executives. If someone can pull all the strings, it’s her.

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