Weberbank | THE Hundert


  • Support and coach young entrepreneurs for presenting in a different character in front of investors and other financiers
  • Create an entertaining and inspiring start-up pitch in a different format
  • Positioning Weberbank as an innovative brand close to startups and change agents in the eyes of their current customers

Our contributions

  • red onion prepared three CEOs from three different start-ups for their TED-style talks & with insights into storytelling
  • Working on the speech drafts & visuals with speakers, telephone coaching sessions & coaching onsite on storyline development, delivery, visuals etc.
  • Co-hosting the event together THE Hundert magazine and Weberbank


  • Inspiring and personal talks by three start-up CEOs in front of a potential investors audience
  • Development of an event series including regular coaching of a selected number of founders and co founders and supporting them on the preparation of their TED-style talks

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