Detecon Consulting Upload Event


  • Change the way the top management presents at the annual event for all consultants of the ICT consulting firm – “Lead Detecon!
  • Prepare finalist consultants from different hierarchical levels for their award pitches (knowledge, project and client award)

Our contributions

  • We created a DeteconTalks-Guide to help the speakers prepare the talks in advance
  • We prepared the top management team (CEO & CFO) individually for their yearly outlook speeches
  • We prepared 9 pitching teams for their 10 min talks & conducted a bootcamp beforehand
  • We delivered 2×4 workshops on “TED secrets” & “storytelling” to all 400 participants


  • Enthusiastic response to the new way the top management prepared their talks
  • Personal & engaging pitches by the award finalists despite being on technical issues
  • Inspirational insights into storytelling and its powers also for future client pitches for the consultants

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