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Our mission is to connect, grow and inspire in order to make a positive contribution, to make the world a better place through better companies.


Businesses in today's time are exposed to major challenges, both organizations and their people. By influencing the way they communicate we help organizations and leaders to transport their ideas and values differently - via effective personal storytelling.

How to handle demographic change & digitalization in your


How to handle demographic change & digitalization in your

External & Internal Communication

How to handle demographic change & digitalization in your

Product Innovation & Business Model


External & Internal Communication

Product Innovation & Business Model


Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming harder, which has a direct impact on the strength, growth and profitability of business. The rise in social media has influenced public opinion about your business, which has a direct impact on recruiting. Changes in communication technology are putting top management in the spotlight. Getting top management to admit they need coaching to improve their public communication skills is a diplomatic feat.

External & Internal Communication

Honest dialogue, exchange and two way feedback are needed in order for organizations to remain aware of current trends. The technological change has made it crucial to be able to both lead discussions and respond to events in the moment. The new ways we communicate in the digital world will benefit organizations by adapting to the changing demands that include video conferencing and intranet/internet distribution of messages.

Product Innovation & Business Model

Innovation and new ideas are emerging at breakneck speed, but keeping up with them and knowing which are truly relevant for your business is an enormous task. It is difficult to make meaningful connections with innovators, change makers and thought leaders who can truly move the needle in your business. Keeping up with technological changes is difficult. Fear and confusion about opportunities is paralyzing. Will you make the right changes that beneficially impact your business? Delaying decisions holds you back.

The Difference:


Our Services

Speaker Coaching

Great businesses have leaders who know how to inspire through powerful stories and compelling delivery. Hone the presentations skills of your top management – whether board members, managers or employees.

Speaker Bootcamp

For innovative in-house events, the Speaker Bootcamp is a great way to incentivize participation and group learning for your management teams and employees.

red speakers

red speakers is our speaker agency and brings you inspiring presentations and captivating talks.

Curating & Programming

In-house conferences and custom curated events designed to inspire fresh ideas, foster engagement and create interdepartmental connections.

Guest Relations & Ticketing

The right crowd makes you event come to life.

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Documented Results

We all have our own voice and approach to speaking. Our mission is to help you refine your signature style of storytelling. You will receive high quality video production of your talks – including expert post production intended for distribution.

Individual Treatment
  • single coaching sessions
  • Qualified guidance and feedback from expert coaches
  • Story, structure & implementation
  • Stage presence & delivery
  • Video recording & review with participants

Your employees and executives learn how to give personal, authentic and inspiring short presentations on corporate topics and other issues. In a small group format your teams will be led through a tailored training process focused on story development and presentation in one intense session. Topics can be predefined or self-chosen.

  • Custom workshops, i.e. 10-15 executives or employees in a half or whole day program to create an inspiring TED-style talk on stage for your in-house event
  • Individual support by red onion coaches on storyline development, dramaturgy, stage presence etc.
  • “Visual facilitators” support your process and preparation of visual materials beforehand






In our years of experience, we have created a large network of some of the most inspiring and engaging speakers on this planet. We see our team as your dedicated partner in finding the right speaker for your customized event – let it be in-house, for clients or something completely new like creative event concepts, workshops, new platforms for your communication goals or speaker coaching.

  • red speakers focuses on areas and topics that help inspire audiences to make a difference.
  • We believe that the relevant questions we face on this planet need voices to help spread them. We seek out those voices and bring them to your stage.

Our Experience

We have a proven track record of hosting and co-hosting several successful events with DAX-30 listed companies, as well as by curating and organizing Germany’s largest TEDx events:

tedBerlin   tedFrankfurt

tedHamburg tedMuenchen

Our Services
  • Programming & Production
  • Speaker research and requests for external speakers
  • Speaker coaching
  • Event Management
  • Recording & Video post production
Our Experience

We draw from our national and international network of red onion and red speakers, TED and TEDx, Startup Ecosystem Berlin, Singularity University, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and the arts and culture scene of Berlin.

Our Services
  • In consultation with the customer, multipliers and thought leaders are identified and invited.
  • We design ticket sales, control the ticket shop and monitor the ticket quotas.
  • On site, we ensure a smooth registration and support of the guests and participants.
  • Documentation and evaluation of the event.

Cases We’ve Been Working On:


Messe Berlin


Bayer CropScience Speaker Bootcamp

Bayer AG


Detecon Consulting Upload Event

Detecon International GmbH


Worldwide TEDxAllianz Events

Allianz AG


Weberbank | THE Hundert

Weberbank AG


Deutsche Telekom Guiding Principles Day

Deutsche Telekom AG


Bosch Electrical Drive Leadership Day



UBS CIO Midyear Outlook

UBS Group AG


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